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CMSC491D Design Patterns In Java

Fall 2000

Project 1

Shopping Mall Project

Due Date: November 13, 2000

Project Description

In this project, you will be implementing a simple shopping mall in Java. The mall will provide a soothing shopping experience for your customers, while at the same time allowing you to explore the wonderful world of design patterns!

The class diagram which provides the framework for the shopping mall is as follows:

Here's a brief description of each class:

Note that required accessors and mutators are not listed in the above for the sake of brevity.

Project Requirements

Use the above framework to write a working version of the shopping mall.

Your project must have at least one customer, three stores and five items for sale at each store.

Implement the user interface any way you like, either textual or graphical.

Your project must implement the following design patterns:

Feel free to use any other patterns you feel appropriate.

Your project code must also be well documented and use a reasonable indentation style. In particular, places where design patterns are implemented should be noted in the code.

Finally, a short report, no more than five pages in length, should be submitted describing your use of design patterns in your project. Please name the report file Project1.txt. Please submit this report in text form only!

Project Grading

Your project will be graded according to the following criteria:

As in all your work, NO COPYING OR PLAGIARISM. If such is detected, no credit for the project will be given and appropriate actions for academic dishonesty will be taken.

Project Submission

You must submit the following: Submit all of the above using the submit program. To submit, you type
        submit cs491d project1 <filenamelist>
where filenamelist is a list of one or more files. You can submit a file as often as you like; the latest file submitted overwrites any previous submissions. To list the names of the files you have submitted, type
        submitls cs491d project1
To remove a previously submitted file, type
        submitrm cs491d project1 <filename>

Project Due Date

This project is due November 13, 2000. You have a one week, automatic, no-need-for-a-lame-excuse grace period.

No project will be accepted after November 20, 2000. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO EXCUSES!

Bob Tarr
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
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