Prof. Sang (Peter) Chin

Hi! I am an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at UMBC.

I can be reached

The Department of Mathematics
University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Baltimore, MD 21250

My research interests are in the area of differential geometry, general relativity, string theory, game theory and quantum computing.

I was a student of Richard Melrose at MIT (Ph.D., 1998). Before that, I went to college at Duke University where I was a triple major in electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics (class of 93).

This spring (2010), I am teaching Math 225 (section 3): Differential Equations. If you have any questions about this class, please refer to the class blackboard page or simply contact me.

My other (full-time) job is to solve challenging yet interesting problems using mathematics. I am chief scientist at Intelligence Systems Branch (VEB) in Applied Information Science Dept. (AISD) of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

My life-time job, however, is to serve God and His purpose for my generation. I attend WorthyLife Baptist Church located in Baltimore, Md., right outside Johns Hopkins University. If you are interested in checking out my church, just simply ask ME! :-)