I am a MS in Human Centered Computing from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Accessibility, UX design, and interaction design are some of the things that really intrigue my interest. This is my attempt at creating an accessible web page! (Still in progress!)

I have worked on Web Accessibility with one of the University departments for the past one year. I am presently working on research developing a Kinect Game that encourages older adults to exercise. Phase I of the research that I worked on in my last year was accepted at the CHI 2012 as a Works-in-progress paper. Currently, I am working on improving the user interface and interactions of the game for older adults play.

Over my graduate program, I have worked on various web development, prototyping and design projects involving the human centered design methodologies and principles. I also interned as an Information Architect over the summer at Consumer Reports and worked majorly on their Cars section which gave me lots of exposure. I am really interested in interaction design involving good user experience and mobile application design.

I have also worked in the IT industry for around two years and as a social worker for a year before shifting my base to human centered design.

I would love to hear what you think of this page! You can send me your comments and suggestions from the Contact page.

Thank you!