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I have spent over five years in the CSEE Department and have taken many interesting and useful courses, which are listed below for those interested. Links to the webpages for both courses and professors are provided where available.

For the Fall 2010 semester, I am taking the following courses:

Course Name Prof./Inst.
CMSC 611 Advanced Computer Architecture Marc Olano
CMSC 671 Intro. to Artificial Intelligence Marie desJardins

Graduate Course History

Course Name Prof./Inst. Semester
CMSC 676 Information Retrieval Charles Nicholas Spring 2009
CMSC 677 Agent Arch. & Multi-Agent Systems Don Miner Spring 2009
CMSC 678 Intro. to Machine Learning Tim Oates Spring 2009
CMSC 621 Advanced Operating Systems Kostas Kalpakis Fall 2009
CMSC 634 Intro. to Computer Graphics Penny Rheingans Fall 2009
CMSC 601 Basic Research Skills Charles Nicholas Spring 2010
CMSC 641 Design & Analysis of Algorithms Richard Chang Spring 2010
CMSC 679 Intro. to Robotics Tim Oates Spring 2010

Undergraduate Course History

Course Name Professor Semester
CMSC 104 Problem-Solving & Computer Prog. Gary Burt Fall 2005
CMSC 201 Computer Science I for Majors Sue Evans Spring 2006
CMSC 202 Computer Science II for Majors Dana Wortman Fall 2006
CMSC 203 Discrete Structures Dennis Frey Fall 2006
CMSC 313 Comp. Org. & Assembly Lang. Prog. Gary Burt Spring 2007
CMSC 331 Principles of Programming Languages Shon Vick Spring 2007
CMSC 341 Data Structures Dennis Frey Spring 2007
CMSC 345 Software Design & Development Susan Mitchell Fall 2007
CMSC 471 Artificial Intelligence Eric Eaton Fall 2007
CMSC 421 Principles of Operating Systems Anupam Joshi Spring 2008
CMSC 433 Scripting Languages Daniel Hood Spring 2008
CMSC 443H Honors Cryptology Brooke Stephens Spring 2008
CMSC 481 Computer Networks Mohamed Younis Spring 2008
CMSC 411 Computer Architecture Jon Squire Fall 2008
CMSC 441 Design & Analysis of Algorithms Alan Sherman Fall 2008
CMSC 451 Automata Theory & Formal Languages Richard Chang Fall 2008
CMSC 495 Honors Thesis Marie desJardins Fall 2008
CMSC 461 Database Management Systems Kostas Kalpakis Spring 2009