St. Mary's County, Maryland, Marriages: 1638 - 1820

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Abell, Aaron (m2) Phillips, Elizabeth (m1) 6/29/1785 Jennings
Abell, Abner Jos. (m2) Yates, Mary (m2) 4/24/1816 KY Co. Ct. Rec.
Abell, Abner Jos. (m3) Moore, Belinda (m3) 7/7/1819 KY Co. Ct. Rec.
Abell, Alethia Spalding, Benedict Jos. III ca1770 Reno
Abell, Ann Fenwick, Enoch (m1) 1794-1799 Reno
Abell, Ann Abell, Francis (m1) Bef. 1784 Jennings
Abell, Arthur Raley, Henrietta 1/12/1784 St. Andrew's
Abell, Barbara Spalding, Henry Augustine 9/16/1797 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Bennet Greenwell, Mary 10/23/1767 Jesuit Missions
Abell, Bennet Greenwell, Elizabeth Attaway 8/21/1815 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Bernard  Wimsatt, Clarissa A. 5/8/1811 KY Co. Ct. Rec.
Abell, Caleb Williams, Mary (m1) 12/29/1763 St. Andrew’s 
Abell, Clarke Hutchins, Catherine 6/3/1779 St. Andrew's
Abell, Cuthbert Simmons, Mary Milburn (m1) 2/1/1785 St. Andrew’s
Abell, Cuthbert Clarke, Mary ca1742 Drury
Abell, Dorothy (m1) Wimsatt, Robert Bef. 1768 Reno
Abell, Dorothy (m2) Abell, John Barton (m 2) 8/16/1813 KY Co. Ct. Rec.
Abell, Edmund Thompson, Elizabeth Bef. 1778 Reno
Abell, Edward Horn, _____ (d/o John) Bef. 1748 Reno
Abell, Edward (m1) Spalding, Susanna Bef. 1760 Reno
Abell, Edward (m2) Taylor, Anastasia 11/11/1778 St. Andrew’s
Abell, Edward (m3) _____, Elizabeth ca 1782 Reno
Abell, Eleanor Spalding, Zachariah (m1) 12/28/1799 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Eleanor (m1) Greenwell, Charles Jr. Bef. 1760 Reno
Abell, Eleanor (m 2) Swales, John (m 2) Bef. 1788 Reno
Abell, Eleanor Greenwell, Thomas (m1) 1778-1782 Reno
Abell, Eliel (m1) Heard, Teresa 1/10/1814 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Eliel (m2) Clarke, Susanna 1/18/1819 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Elizabeth Norris, Charles G. 7/6/1818 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Elizabeth Abell, John Booth 6/3/1780 St. Andrew's
Abell, Elizabeth Sanner, John, Jr. 5/1/1785 St. Andrew’s
Abell, Elizabeth Clarke, William 11/1/1810 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Elizabeth (m1) Thomas, Mark, Jr. Bef. 1769 Reno
Abell, Elizabeth (m2) Fenwick, Thomas 7/3/1774 Jesuit Missions
Abell, Enoch Booth, Judith Bef. 1755 Park
Abell, Enoch Booth Norris, Mary Ann Harriett 7/6/1817 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Francis Hebb, Ann A. “Nancy” 1/17/1815 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Francis (m2) Clarke, Susanna Mackall  4/19/1803 Reno
Abell, George Brewer, Elizabeth 6/23/1820 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Henrietta Thompson, Thomas 2/25/1772 Jesuit Missions
Abell, Ignatius Joy, Nancy 10/25/1797 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Ignatius Abell, Mary 11/8/1773 Jesuit Missions
Abell, Jane Thomas, Thomas 4/27/1781 St. Andrew’s
Abell, Jane Clarke, George 11/4/1800 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Jemima Floyd, Jesse, Jr. 5/24/1804 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Jesse  Wimsatt, Susanna 5/28/1808 KY Co. Ct. Rec.
Abell, John Booth Abell, Elizabeth 6/3/1780 St. Andrew's
Abell, John (m2) Wilkinson, Frances (m3) Bef. 1735 Reno
Abell, John, Jr. Raley, Jane Bef. 1744 Reno
Abell, John (m1) Fisher,______  (d/o Edw.) Bef.  1710 Reno
Abell, John Barton (m1) Heard, Elizabeth ca1780 Reno
Abell, John Barton (m2) Abell, Dorothy 8/16/1813 KY Co. Ct. Rec.
Abell, John Booth Abell, Elizabeth 6/3/1780 St. Andrew’s
Abell, John Forrest, Sarah 10/22/1799 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, John (of Thomas) Cole, Ann 12/26/1808 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Jonathan Corum, Harriet 12/30/1806 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Jonathan Hambleton, Margaret Bef. 1774 Jennings
Abell, Joshua Mills, Susanna Mary Ann ca1782 Reno
Abell, Judith Booth (m1) Wooten, Bennet 5/17/1808 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Judith Booth (m2) Stone, James 2/14/1820 Reno
Abell, Margaret Delahay, Thomas G. (m2) 9/9/1813 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Mary Henning, John 9/5/1781 St. Andrew's
Abell, Mary Crane, James Armstrong Bef. 1792 Reno
Abell, Mary Ann Bowes, Timothy Bef. 1763 Reno
Abell, Mary Abell, Ignatius (of Aaron) 11/8/1773 Jesuit Missions
Abell, Mary  Magill, David, Jr. Bef. 1742 Reno
Abell, Mary Simmons Mills, Lewis 1/2/1812 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Matthew Francis, Dr. (m1) Crane, Elizabeth 1/5/1813 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Matthew Francis, Dr. (m2) Thompson, Harriett 1/29/1818 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Philip Greenwell , Ann Dryden (m1) Bef. 1772 Reno
Abell, Philip, Jr. (m1) Drury, Eleanor 12/24/1796 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Philip, Jr. (m2) Peake, Helena 2/10/1806 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Philip, Jr. (m3) Greenwell, Julia Ann (m1) 5/1/1810 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Rebecca Lewis, William F. 10/14/1802 SMC Ct. Rec.
Abell, Robert Mills, Margarita 11/3/1777 Jesuit Missions
Abell, Samuel III Bryan, Eleanor 1739-1740 Reno
Abell, Samuel, Jr. Raley, Winifred 1708-1711 Reno
Abell, Samuel Adams, Sarah Bef. 1799 St. Andrew's
Abell, Samuel IV Bowes, Mary Bef. 1801 Reno
Abell, Sophia Western Heard, Joseph 9/17/1805 SMC Ct. Rec./Jennings
Abell, Susanna Heard, William 11/27/1776 Jesuit Missions
Abell, William ____, Mary (wd. of  Philip Cox & John Dean) Bef. 1720 Reno
Abell, Winifred  Morgan, Benjamin Bef. 1774 Reno
Abell, Winifred (m1) Thomas, Luke Bef. 1722 Reno
Abell, Winifred (m2) Thomas, Mark ca1739 Reno
Abell, Zachariah Strong, Martha Mary 10/18/1772 Jesuit Missions
Abington, Andrew Roberts, Ann (2) Bef. 1688 Reno
Abington, Margaret Woodward, John Bef. 1711 Reno
Adams, Abraham Jr. (m1) Silence, Sabra 9/14/1784 St. Andrew's
Adams, Abraham Jr. (m2) _____, Elizabeth Bef. 1794 Reno
Adams, Cornelius Norris, Maria 1/8/1816 SMC Ct. Rec.
Adams, Eleanor Downs, Joseph, Jr. 4/19/1801 Jesuit Missions
Adams, Eleanor  Joy, _____ 1771-1777 Reno
Adams, George Hatton Lurty, Sarah 12/26/1808 SMC Ct. Rec.
Adams, Henry (m1) Cockshutt, Mary Bef. 1658 Reno
Adams, Henry (m2) _____, Margaret (wd/Oliver Balse)(m2) Bef. 1671 Reno
Adams, Hopewell Smith, Elizabeth Bef. 1752 Reno
Adams, James Kirby, Jane Bef. 1709 Reno
Adams, James Peake, Elizabeth 11/16/1800 Jesuit Missions
Adams, James Brinam _____, Mary (m1) Bef . 1775 Reno
Adams, Joseph _____, Phebe Bef.  1778 Jesuit Missions
Adams, Mary (m1) Tarlton, Ignatius 3/9/1783 St. Andrew's
Adams, Mary (m2) Leach, William 2/28/1798 Reno
Adams, Nathan _____, Sarah Bef.  1776 St. Andrew's
Adams, Sarah Cissell, William 4/27/1784 St. Andrew's
Adams, Sarah  Abell, Samuel Bef.  1799 Jennings
Adams, Solomon Henning, Dorothy (m2) Bef. 1776 Reno
Adams, Stephen Greenwell, Hannah 8/29/1810 SMC Ct. Rec.
Adams, Stephen Lowe, Henrietta 11/20/1778 Jesuit Missions
Adams, Thomas Woodward, Joanna (m1) Bef. 1739 Reno
Adams, William Redman, Elizabeth Bef. 1745 Redman
Adams, William Reeder, Susan 8/1/1815 Fresco
Adderton, Elizabeth Cox, James (m1) 9/10/1798 SMC Ct. Rec.
Adderton, James, Jr. Thomas, Eleanor (m1) 6/2/1812 SMC Ct. Rec.
Adderton, Jeremiah Neale, Mary (m2) 1706-1708 Reno
Adderton, Jeremiah (m1) Wise, Mary 3/8/1797 SMC Ct. Rec.
Adderton, Jeremiah (m2) Biscoe, Judith Attaway 9/10/1798 SMC Ct. Rec.
Adderton, Rebecca Boykin Stephen H. 10/5/1801 SMC Ct. Rec.
Adderton, Sarah Wilsey, William 5/3/1785 St. Andrew's EC
Addison, Rebecca (m1) Bowles, James Bef. 1722 Reno
Addison, Rebecca (m2) Plater, George, Jr. (m1) 6/10/1729 MD Gazette
Addison, John Wilkinson, Rebecca (m2) ca1676 Reno
Aisquith, Eleanor Tabbs, Benjamin, Dr. 2/18/1806 Fresco
Aisquith, Elizabeth Watts, Edward 7/9/1797 Balt. Fed. Gaz.
Aisquith, Frances (m1)   Watts, James Bef. 1698 Reno
Aisquith, Frances (m2)   Loker, Thomas, Jr. Bef. 1700 Reno
Aisquith, Frances (m3)   Kirby, William Jr. 1714-1717 Reno
Aisquith, George Guyther, Elizabeth (m1) 3/3/1784 St. Andrew's
Aisquith, John Chesley, Mary 6/3/1779 St. Andrew's
Aisquith, Robert Leigh, Cecilia Bef. 1787 Reno
Aisquith, Susanna  Hellen, David Bef. 1759 Reno
Aisquith, Thomas (m1) Hopewell, Ann (m2) 1720-1724 Reno
Aisquith, Thomas (m2) Clarke, Eleanor (m1) Bef. 1759 Reno
Aisquith, William, Jr. King, Susanna (m1) Bef. 1730 Reno
Alder, Ruth Hawkins Hayes, Thomas Bef. 1759 Reno
Alexander, Dorothy Jones, John B 1/14/1819 SMC Ct. Rec.
Alexander, Robert ____, Anne (m2) (wid/ John Hilton, Jr.) 1731-1734 Reno
Allen, Ann Thomas, William 5/2/1780 St. Andrew's
Allen, Polly Downs, Bernard 5/31/1815 SMC Ct. Rec.
Allison, Henry Dillon, Margaret 5/25/1779 St. Andrew's
Allison, Henry Manley, Mary Bef. 1767 Reno
Allison, John Griggs, Sarah  Bef. 1728 Reno
Allison, Margaret   Cole, John Bef. 1754 Reno
Allison, Sarah Henning, Thomas (m1) 12/14/1797 SMC Ct. Rec.
Allman, Thomas Hayden, Penelope Bef. 1694 Reno
Allstan, Elizabeth (m1) Turner, William Bef. 1794 Reno
Allstan, Elizabeth (m2) Cheseldine, Seneca Nelson (m2) 9/2/1798 SMC Ct. Rec./Reno
Allstan, Henry Jordan, Ann Wilson (m1) 12/13/1804 SMC Ct. Rec.
Allstan, Jeremiah Bowling, Phillipa (m2) 1/17/1802 SMC Ct. Rec./Reno
Allstan, Maria Pearson, Samuel 7/22/1819 SMC Ct. Rec.
Allstan, Thomas Reeder, Elizabeth (m1) Bef. 1719 Fresco
Allstan, Thomas (m1) Stephens, Mary Bef. 1774 Reno
Allstan, Thomas (m2) Green, Mary (m2) 8/8/1796 Reno
Allstan, William Gardiner, Sophia D. (m2) 1/1/1841 Reno
Alvey, Ally Thompson, Ralph 1/12/1798 SMC Ct. Rec.
Alvey, Ann (m1) Guy, James 1/21/1818 SMC Ct. Rec.
Alvey, Ann (m2) Goodwin, Charles 12/18/1832 SMC Ct. Rec./Reno
Alvey, Anthony Walters, Dorcas (Dorothy) 6/13/1801 SMC Ct. Rec.
Alvey, Arthur Bullock, Elizabeth (m1) Bef. 1690 Reno
Alvey, Basil (m1) Tennison, Margaret ca1788 Reno
Alvey, Basil (m2) Suttle, Dorcas (Dorothy) 6/2/1804 SMC Ct. Rec.
Alvey, Catherine Jane Howard, Bennet 2/2/1795 SMC Ct. Rec.
Alvey, Cecelia (m1) Hayden, Peregrine 2/5/1816 SMC Ct. Rec.
Alvey, Cecelia (m2) Clarke, John Thomas 6/1/1852 Jennings
Alvey, Eleanor Spalding, Clement 1/30/1811 SMC Ct. Rec.
Alvey, Elizabeth Parsons, James (m2) 2/16/1797 KY Co. Ct. Rec.
Alvey, Elizabeth Walker, James Bef. 1744 Fresco
Alvey, George W. Shaw, Mary M. 6/10/1817 Alvey
Alvey, Helen Bryan, Enoch (m3) 11/1/1812 SMC Ct. Rec./Reno
Alvey, James Suttle, Eleanor 1758-1759 Fresco
Alvey, Jeremiah Wildman, Dorothy 4/1/1784 Alvey
Alvey, John Worthington, Mary 8/6/1816 SMC Ct. Rec.
Alvey, John Clarke, Mary Bef. 1727 Alvey
Alvey, Joseph III (m2) Stratford, Ann 1749-1754 Reno
Alvey, Joseph, Jr. Green, Margaret ca1700 Reno
Alvey, Julia Joy, James 10/30/1816 SMC Ct. Rec.
Alvey, Margaret Graves, George Bef. 1736 Reno
Alvey, Margaret Nelson, Obediah (m1) 2/27/1808 SMC Ct. Rec./Reno
Alvey, Mrs. Ann (wid/ Pope Alvey) (m3) Patterson, James 1679-1682 Reno
Alvey, Teresa Turner, Charles, Jr. 1/23/1811 SMC Ct. Rec./Reno
Amery, Mary Barber, Thomas (m1) 1790-1795 Reno
Anderson, Alexander Graves, Henrietta (m2) Bef. 1744 Reno
Anderson, Ann Sanner, John (m1) ca1759 Reno
Anderson, Ann (wid/ John Anderson, Jr.) Cheseldine, Cyrenius Bef. 1755 Reno
Anderson, Henrietta Scott, Edward 10/28/1816 SMC Ct. Rec.
Anderson, Henry Bothwick, Susanna 2/24/1816 SMC Ct. Rec.
Anderson, James Jett, Mary 6/12/1819 SMC Ct. Rec.
Anderson, James French, Eleanor 1771-1772 Jesuit Missions
Anderson, John Goodrick, Mary (m1) Bef. 1691 Reno
Anderson, John Baptist (m1) Mitchell?, Tabitha Bef. 1758 St. Andrew's
Anderson, John Baptist (m2) ____, Ann Bef.  1771 Jesuit Missions
Anderson, Jonathan Sothoron, Mary Bef. 1780 Reno
Anderson, Joseph (m2) Hazel, Jane (m2) 11/22/1807 Reno
Anderson, Joseph Askins, Jane Bef. 1737 Reno
Anderson, Mary Ann (m1) Gibson, Joshua 2/10/1778 All Faith
Anderson, Mary Ann (m2) Gibson, Rodolphus Bef. 1798 Reno
Anderson, Richard Briscoe, Priscilla Bef. 1746 Reno
Anderson, Sarah McKenzie, Alexander 11/8/1781 St. Andrew's
Anderson, Susanna McKay, Benjamin, Jr. (m3) 1/27/1807 St. George's Ep.
Anderson, Thomas Clarke, Ann Chloe 10/7/1767 St. Fran. Xav.
Anderson, William ____, Elizabeth Bef. 1775 St. Andrew's
Anderson, William ____, Mary (m1) Bef. 1714 Reno
Anderton , John Smith, Gertrude Bef. 1658 Reno
Angel , Anne (m1) Merrill, William Bef. 1698 Reno
Angel , Anne (m2) Duff, William Bef. 1714 Reno
Angel , Anne (m3) Carmichael, John 1714-1715 Reno
Angel, John Patterson, Eleanor (m1) Bef. 1673 Reno
Angel, John, Jr. ____, Jane (niece of Joseph Thompson) (m1) Bef. 1716 Fresco
Angel, Winifred (m1)  Fitzjeffries, Joseph, Jr. Bef. 1747 Reno
Angel, Winifred (m2) Welsh, Henry Bef. 1754 Reno
Anketill, Barnaby ____, Elizabeth Bef. 1712 Reno
Appleton, John Gerard, Frances (m3) Bef. 1672 Reno
Aprice, Edward Locke, Mary 2/5/1809 SMC Ct. Rec.
Aprice, Mary Ann  Brown, Anthony Jr. (m1) Bef. 1754 Donnelly
Aprice, Sarah Melton, Richard, Jr. 11/23/1801 SMC Ct. Rec.
Aprice, Thomas Barber, Elizabeth (m2) Bef. 1744 Reno
Armstrong, ____ DeButts, Margaret Bef. 1796 Reno
Armstrong, Ann Watts, George H. 1/11/1813 SMC Ct. Rec.
Armstrong, Catherine   Crane, Thomas (m2) 1753-1754 Reno
Armstrong, Christian (m1) McKinney, Gerrard VA Bef. 1743 Reno
Armstrong, Christina (m2) Crabb, ____ Bef. 1762 Reno
Armstrong, Elizabeth Jones, Mordecai C. 9/30/1815 SMC Ct. Rec.
Armstrong, George Jarboe, Rebecca 11/22/1813 SMC Ct. Rec.
Armstrong, James, Dr. ____, Dinah Bef. 1728 Reno
Armstrong, James Cole, Elizabeth 2/9/1818 SMC Ct. Rec.
Armstrong, Mary Mason, Richard B. 2/23/1813 SMC Ct. Rec.
Armstrong, Robert Smith, Martha (m3) Bef. 1772 Reno
Armstrong, Sarah Wherritt, John 1/6/1803 Fresco
Armstrong, William Breeden, Eliza 10/10/1816 SMC Ct. Rec.
Armsworthy , Abraham ____, Eleanor Bef. 1768 St. Andrew's
Armsworthy , Alethia Nugent, Bennett 1/14/1797 SMC Ct. Rec.
Armsworthy, Bennet Cissell, Susanna 2/11/1800 St. George’s Ep.
Armsworthy, Daniel Newton, Elizabeth 12/21/1800 Fresco
Armsworthy, Eleanor Joy, William 2/24/1784 St. Andrew's
Armsworthy, Elizabeth Hall, Philip (m1) 10/5/1796 SMC Ct. Rec.
Armsworthy , George ____, Rebecca Bef. 1756 St. Andrew's
Armsworthy, Helen Henning, George 12/9/1806 Fresco
Armsworthy, James Watts, Elizabeth (m2) 10/13/1818 SMC Ct. Rec.
Armsworthy, John Armsworthy, Mary 1/16/1780 St. Andrew's
Armsworthy , John Jr ____, Frances Bef. 1757 St. Andrew's
Armsworthy , Jonathan ___, Ann Bef. 1768 St. Andrew's
Armsworthy, Mary Armsworthy, John 1/16/1780 St. Andrew's
Armsworthy, Thomas Cissell, Elizabeth (m2) 6/23/1814 St. Andrew's
Armsworthy , William Cole, Mary Bef. 1765 St. Andrew's
Arnold, Edmund Ellis, Eleanor 12/20/1801 SMC Ct. Rec.
Arthurs (Artis), John ____Ann (m3) Bef. 1714 Reno
Arthurs (Artis) John Pembroke, Mary (m1) Bef. 1740 Reno
Arthurs (Artis), Joseph (m1) ____, Mary Bef. 1782 Jesuit Missions
Arthurs (Artis), Joseph (m2) ____, Jane (m2) 1799 Jesuit Missions
Arthurs (Artis), William Thomas, Grace (m2) Bef. 1701 Reno
Arthurs (Artis), William, Jr. ____, Ann (m1) Bef. 1733 Reno
Artis (Authors), Ann Welch, John (m1) 5/14/1806 SMC Ct. Rec.
Artis (Authors), Ann Wheeler, Bennet 12/29/1814 SMC Ct. Rec.
Artis (Authors), Jeremiah Biscoe, Elizabeth 4/10/1806 Reno
Artis (Authors), Joseph Bennett, Mary (m2) 7/26/1823 Reno
Artis (Authors), Susanna Bellwood, Edward 12/31/1800 SMC Ct. Rec.
Asbestone, Rachel Thomas, William Bef. 1736 Reno
Asbestone, William Gilbert, Elizabeth  Bef. 1654 Reno
Asbestone, William ____, Mary (m1) Bef. 1697 Newman
Ashcom, ____ ____, Margery (parent of Lydia Ashcom) (m1) Bef. 1640 Reno
Ashcom, Charles, Jr. Briscoe, Judith (m1) Bef. 1708 Reno
Ashcom, Charles Earle, Martha (m1) 8/14/1687 Fresco
Ashcom, Elizabeth of CC Jenifer, Dr. Daniel of St. Thomas Bef. 1712 Reno
Ashcom, Lydia (m1) Newman, George Bef.. 1656 Reno
Ashcom, Lydia (m2) Manner, John (of CC) 1683-1689 Reno
Ashcom, Martha Greenfield, James (m1) Bef. 1713 Reno
Ashcom, Nathaniel, Jr. Bigger, Margaret 12/26/1706 Christ Church, Calvert Co.
Ashcom, Samuel Broome, Sarah (m1) Bef. 1741 Reno
Ashcom, Susanna Reeder, John Bef. 1726 Reno
Ashford, Michael, Jr. Nevill, Rachel Bef. 1664 Newman
Ashie, William Latin, Elizabeth 3/6/1796 SMC Ct. Rec.
Ashman, Richard ____, Ann (m1) Bef. 1680 Reno
Ashton, Henry Key, Cecelia Brown 5/12/1804 SMC Ct. Rec.
Askins, Jane Anderson, Joseph Bef. 1737 Reno
Askins, John Sams, Margaret 1654-1659 Reno
Askins, John (m1) Wright, Rebecca Bef. 1674 Reno
Askins, John (m2) Clocker, Rebecca (m1) Bef. 1676 Reno
Assiter, Mary (m1) Payne, Henry Bef. 1685 Reno
Assiter, Mary (m2) Neagle, William Bef. 1696 Reno
Atchison, Vincent ____, Hannah (sis. of Mary, wife of Lt. Wm. Smith) Bef. 1667 Reno
Atchison, William Cawood, Ann (m1) Bef. 1719 Reno
Atkinson, Joseph Cox, Mary 11/6/1803 St. George's Ep.
Atkinson, Joshua Nuthall, Mary Brent Bef. 1758 St. Andrew's
Attaway, Elizabeth Bond, John Bef. 1719 Reno
Attaway, Elizabeth (m1) Reeder, Benjamin Bef. 1696 Reno
Attaway, Elizabeth (m2) Bagley, Ralph ca1722 Reno
Attaway, John Blackistone, Susanna (m1) ca1703 Reno
Attaway, Susanna (m1) Clarke, George (m3) Bef. 1731 Reno
Attaway, Susanna (m2) Black, John 1754-1755 Reno
Atwick, James Walker, Grace (m1) Bef. 1663 Reno
Atwood, ____ Holton, Priscilla Bef. 1788 Jesuit Missions
Atwood, Ann Jarboe, John Baptist Bef. 1776 Reno
Atwood, Charles Carroll ____, Teresa Bef. 1747 St. Inigoes RCC
Atwood, James (m1) Jarboe, Henrietta 1/19/1768 St. Inigoes RCC
Atwood, James (m2) Jenkins, Ann 8/1/1784 St. Inigoes RCC
Atwood, James (m3) Jenkins, Eleanor (m2) Bef. 1780 Reno
Atwood, John Lewis Combs, Teresa 12/31/1800 Our Lady RCC
Aud, Elizabeth Hall, John 12/24/1810 SMC Ct. Rec.
Aud, George ____, Eleanor Bef. 1775 csm2
Aud, Ignatius (m1) Shirley, Mary Ann 12/19/1805 SMC Ct. Rec.
Aud, Ignatius (m2) Watts, Anna Louisa 5/21/1821 SMC Ct. Rec.
Aud, Ignatius (m3) Downs, Martha Susan (m1) 2/5/1838 SMC Ct. Rec.
Aud, Mary Anna (m1) Tear, John Bef. 1768 Jesuit Missions
Aud, Mary Anna (m2) Manley, Matthew Bef. 1787 Jesuit Missions
Aud, Monica Hayden, William 6/13/1801 SMC Ct. Rec.
Aud, Thomas Duvall, Priscilla Bef. 1775 Jesuit Missions
Aud, William Goodrum, Elinor Bef. 1793 Reno
Aud, Zachariah Combs, Margaret (m2) 11/17/1800 KY Co. Ct. Rec.
Austin, George ____, Eleanor Bef. 1773 St. Andrew's EC
Austin, John Veale, Eleanor (m3) Bef. 1732 Reno



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