Resources for Political Research on Voting and Elections


        American Political Science Association
        European Consortium fot Political Research
        Political Studies Association (UK)
        Core Documents of American Democracy (GPO)
        Inter-Parliamentary Union
        Political Science Information (Berkeley)
        Poly-Cy: Internet for Political Science (W. Va. U.)
        Ultimate Political Science Links
        Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources (U. of Keele)
        Political Science Research Resources (Duke U.)
        Ultimate Political Science Links
        U. Of Michigan Documents Center: Statistical Resources for Political Science
        LSU Research Resources in Political Science
        Political Science Virtual Library (U. of Conn.)
        PSGSA Research Resources (NYU)
        Virtual Library on Democracy (UCI)
        Statistical Abstract of the US
        National Political Index
        Poly-Cy: Internet Resources for Political Science
        Georgetown Lynx
        Documents Library (Thomas R. Dye, Democracy in America)
        Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe
        Political Resources On-Line
        Political Resources on the Net
        Roll Call
        Rulers (Heads of State/Government)
        UK Parliament

Think Tanks

        American Enterprise Institute
        Brookings Institution
        Institute of Policy Studies
        Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
        Project Vote Smart
        Committee for the Study of the American Electorate

Election Data

        Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
        Federal Election Commission
        U.S. Census: Voting and Registration
        Elections Around the World
        BUBL Link -- Catalog of Internet Resources: Elections
        The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems
        Lijphart Elections Archive (UCSD)
        The Record of American Democracy, 1984-1990
        UC (Berkeley) Data
        Voter Turnout: A Global Report (IDEA)
        Election Connection
        Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
        Electoral Commision (UK)
        Elections Canada
        Aministration and Costs of Elections Project

Survey and Polling Data

        Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
        National Election Studies (NES)
        NES GUIDE to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior
        Survey Documentation and Analysis (UC Berkeley)
        National Opinion Research Center (NORC)
        General Social Survey (GSS)
        The Gallup Organization
        The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
        Lou Harris Associates
        Washington Post Polls
        LA Times Polls
        Pew Research Center
        Center for Deliberative Polling

Election Methods and Electoral Reform

        National Commission on Federal Election Reform
        Caltech-MIT Voting Technology Project
        Campaign Reform: Insights and Evidence
        Voting (Washington St. U.)
        Center for Voting and Democracy
        Electoral Reform Society (UK)
        International Foundation for Election Systems
        Americas Project -- Democracy: Electoral Systems
        Election Methods Research Group
        Instant Runoff Project
        Representation and Democracy
        Voting System Reform
        Fair Vote Canada
        Proportional Representation of Australia
        PR Library (Douglas Amy, Mt. Holyoke Col.)
        California IRV (Instant Runoff) Coalition
        A Democracy Map
        Instant Runoff Voting: Interactive Animated
        DeBorda Institute
        The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
        The Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System ("Jenkins Report" -- UK)

Individual Website on Voting and Election Methods

        Adam Carr's Election Archives
        Accurate Democracy
        Approval Voting Home Page
        New Democracy (Donald E. Davison)
        David Lovelock's Voting Methods
        Democracy Design Forum
        Making Votes Count (UK)
        The On-Line Preferendum
        Condorcet.Org (Blake Cretney)
        Non-Intuitive Features of Electoral Systems (Julian D. A. Wiseman)
        Kenneth O. May and the Theory of Social Choice (Thomas L. Bartlow)
        Electoral Reform: Instant Runoff Voting, Why Libertarians should cooperate with the Greens (Peter Taylor)
        Voting Power and Procedures (LSE)

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