Joseph C. Montminy
MS Student, UMBC

My Web Links

Name URL Descripton
MAPLE This is the lab where I work!
Dave's Guide to C Programming The code here is extremely useful if you ever have to do any systems programming in C.
CPP Reference Every C++ STL method you could ever want to know about, along with worked out examples of how to call the methods.
Avi Silberschatz's Home Page Dr. Silberschatz is the CS Department Chair at Yale. He wrote two really good books on Operating Systems and Databases and his powerpoint slides are extremely useful.
Webmonkey HTML Cheatsheets If you have any HTML questions or issues, go here first. They have just about everything you need to know about HTML.
SQL Syntax Great resource for SQL Syntax...some of the statements are real tricky.
Daniel Hood's Homepage Dan Hood has some the best resources I've ever seen on scripting languages. Check his page out for his lecture notes on them, as well as his other links.
Foxit PDF Reader Foxit's PDF reader is much less memory-consuming than Adobe PDF Reader, and it's free!
A Simplified Introduction to LaTeX Easiest introduction to LaTeX I've seen yet.
JPEG2PS Nice, small DOS-based utility you can use to convert JPG files to EPS files (to use in LaTeX documents).
LaTeX Templates Easy to use, free templates for everyday tasks in LaTeX.
Bouncy Castle Java Cryptography Library This is a grat Java cryptography library if you ever need to do secure programming. I found this much easier to work with than traditional OpenSSL for C.
Apache Commons Math Package This package has a little bit of everything, including statistical analysis. Great for those grad students who write their code in Java and then need to collect statistics, since this allows you to bypass Matlab for some more common tasks.

Author: Joseph C. Montminy