Michael Muscedere


E-mail: mmusce1@umbc.edu

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Personal Abstract:

An energetic and creative electrical engineer/systems engineer/mathematician with experience as a group leader in fulfilling program requirements and interfacing with customers to identify and meet their needs


  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland College Park (UMCP)
  • M.S. Applied Mathematics at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
  • Pursuing a PhD in Mathematics


  • Weapon Systems Development
  • Signal Processing and Adaptive Filters
  • Parallel Processing using Beowulf Clusters.


U.S. citizen. Secret security clearance.

Summary of Relevant Experience

Performed sell-off activities with the following customers in an ISO 9000 environment:

  • NSWC (VLS Program)
  • USAF ( F15 ADTS Program)
  • CECOM (IFTE conversion)
  • NAVAIR (CASS Program)
  • AMCOM (formerly MICOM) (MLRS Program)
  • Japanese Navy (NASROC Program)

Performed the following technical activities:

  • Development of system requirements
  • Development of design specifications
  • Creation and successful execution of test plans and test procedures
  • Development and review of software design
  • Development and review of electronic hardware
  • Evaluation of Technical Packages
  • Comparison of final product specifications with contractual requirements
  • Development and execution of unit EM, Shock and Vibration testing
  • Technical and educational instruction

Performed the following management function an CMMI/SEI level 4 environment:


  • System Requirement Reviews (SRR) and Prelim Design Review (PDR) presentations
  • Critical Design Review (CDR) and Test Readiness Review (TRR) presentations
  • Schedule generation
  • Manpower loading and resource distribution
  • Tracking and performance measures (EVM)
  • Financial analysis

Computer Capabilities:


System Engineering Tools:


Software Platforms:

Windows user, Linux and VMS

Office Programs:

Microsoft Office user, Outlook and more

Software Languages:

C, Fortran, Atlas, Qbasic

Internet Skills:

E-mail, FTP, Telnet, Writing Hypertext pages and more

Analysis and Modeling tools: 

Pspice, Maple, Matlab

Mathematical Type-Setting


Employment History

Mathematics Instructor and Ph.D. student. University of Maryland Baltimore County Catonsville, Maryland (9/02 Present)
Supervisor :  Dr Armstrong

Teaching Finite Mathematics at the college level.
Investigating applications of parallel processing using the Beowulf computer cluster.  Parallelized the one-dimensional Fast Fourier transform taking advantage the hypercube structure and reported on results. Examining dynamic systems such as Hodgkins and Huxley neural model. Also investigating applications of dynamic systems to signal processing which has led to a study of neural networks. Reviewing Antenna Array design and beam forming in light of neural networks.

Senior System Engineer Lockheed NE&SS-Marine SystemsMiddle River, Maryland (8/97 7/02)

Manager: David Woods, Supervisor: Tim Preston (410) 682-2680

Defined system architectural and interface requirements using system tools such as RTM and RDD to incorporate capabilities to the existing MK41 Vertical Launching System (VLS).  Performed trade studies to obtain optimum hardware and software design approach for VLS subsystems . Performed missile interface integration to the VLS by reviewing, analyzing and updating VLS to missile Electrical Interface Control Documents EICDs for Tomahawk, SM2, VLA and ESSM. Analyzed interface performance parameters by developing MATLAB and MAPLE models.  Responsible for writing the Critical Item performance Specification for the new Japanese VLS NASROC Missile Launcher. Analyzed the impact of changing communications architecture from copper based Ethernet to optical fiber in the VLS by familiarizing myself with 803 Ethernet communication protocol and conducting optical power loss analysis throughout the system.

Specified ESSM and VLA VLS test requirements. Developed hardware and software design requirements of the VLS Automated Test Equipment (ATE) to test VLS as a whole and test individual subsystems. Participated in hardware design development ranging from logic circuits to power control circuits (10 amps) using Orcad tools such as schematic capture and Pspice to support the ATE development. Wrote the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) for the ATE software development effort.

Participated in project planning by establishing program milestones. tasking (as defined in the Earned Value sense) and identifying critical path in the MRCTS project.  Participated in project planning for the ESSM and VLA VLS ATE project by identifying the level of effort and cost for the ATE. Also involved in resource management to accommodate VLS production schedules, testing schedules and ultimately delivery dates.  Responsible for estimating system engineering level of effort for proposals.

Created and successfully executed test plans and test procedures for both Software and Hardware development cycles. More precisely, created hardware test plans and procedures for hardware unit testing and also created software test plans and procedures for software unit testing. Finally, also created system Integration test plans and procedure used to verify the integrated system (hardware and software) performs to requirements.

Documented and resolved non-conformance issues by working closely with Navy representatives. Participated in customer certification events and supported software roll-out to production test.

Responsible for deliverable Weapon Specifications documentation, generation and revision.
Interface Design Specifications (IDS) MRCTS  to LSEQ interface
Critical Item Performance Specification (CIPS) for MRCTS functionality
Critical Item Performance Specification for NASROC functionality
Created Specification Change Notices for Engineering Change Proposals ECPs.

Electrical Engineer - R.J.O. Enterprises Hunt Valley, Maryland (6/96 - 4/97)

Manager: David Andreychek

Designed test strategies for S3 avionics SRU functionality using the CASS test station.  Also designed test program sets for MLRS SRUs and LRUs using the IFTE test station.   Implemented contractual requirements in code development using ATLAS and C. hardware integration and final product sell-off.  Developed code for Navy Automatic test systems and performed fault analysis for units under test. Responsible for deliverable documentation, generation and revision.

Technical Analysis - R.J.O. Enterprises Hunt Valley, Maryland (8/91-6/96)

Manager: Robert Ferrell III, Kenneth McMeekin

Reconciled inconsistencies between software and hardware designs by correlation code listings, wire list, schematics, assemble drawings and parts lists. Evaluated test strategies to determine sufficient testing of a unit's functionality. Verified contractual requirements are addressed throughout code development, hardware integration and final product sell-off. Involved in test systems code development and UUT analysis. Responsible for deliverable documentation generation and revision.

Quality Engineer - Data Computer Corporation of America (D.C.C.A.) Columbia Maryland (7/90-5/91)

Manager: John Darley, Gus Katsampis

Contracted to Westinghouse as an electrical performance evaluation engineer. Supervised the administration of procedures that ensure a product's electrical integrity. Reviewed documentation for completeness and accuracy. Witnessed test and approved test procedures

Junior Engineer - Martin Marietta Aero and Naval Systems Baltimore Maryland (1/88-8/88)

Participated in the University of Maryland Coop program. Assigned to an Independent Research and Development (IRAD) Program named Supervisory Control. Designed and built electronic circuits. Designed board layouts to maximize board density. Responsible for documentation. Helped implement video high-speed switching devices. Involved in purchasing of electrical components from vendors


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