Name: Bradford Gates


Joined the lab: Summer 2006

Degree: MS

Birthday: March 13th

Major: Chemical Engineering


In Triangle fraternity

Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Favorite Show: Futurama

Favorite Music: Classic Rock

Favorite team:Washington Redskins

Working thesis title MS: Neuronal model: beta amyloid calcium effects

There has been considerable research into the mechanism by which beta amyloid causes death in a neuron. The mechanisms are thought to involve d the loss of intracellular calcium homeostatis.  We have developed a model of the intracellular calcium dynamics , at this point we can reproduce both the membrane potential and intracellular calcium dynamics of action potential that have been observed in vitro.

One of the questions Brad is thinking about: How is long term activity affected by interaction with beta amyloid?

Presentations *indicates refereed

B. Gates and M. Castellanos. Examining mechanisms of Alzheimer's with a neuron model AICHE Annual meeting November 2007.*

B. Gates and M. Castellanos. Studying Beta Amyloid – Neuron Interactions through Mathematical Models. Poster. Look Ahead XI, UMBC, November 2007.

M. Castellanos and B. Gates Beta Amyloid Channel, Poster. AIChE Annual Meeting November 2008*

Defense date April 25th 2008

Final Thesis title:

Currently: Graduate Student at the Chemical Engineering Department at Cornell University, Ithaca NY