Steamboat Springs, Colorado

    Welcome to my web page about Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I traveled here last summer and had a wonderful time.  On this page you will find pictures and information about the town of Steamboat, a great place to relax in the summer or ski in the winter!

    My trip to Steamboat, as it is called by locals began with a flight into Denver then driving through Rocky Mountain National Park.  Driving through the Rockies began at Estes Park, Colorado, reaching a maximum altitude of just over 12,000 feet above sea level in the alpine zone before descending down again to approximately 6,000 feet.  Once desending out of the Rockies we were then at a plateau and continues west across a plateau to Steamboat Springs.

    Come with me now on a guided picture tour from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, along Trail Ridge Road, west across the plateau and into Steamboat Springs.  As well as some of the interesting sites in Steamboat Springs.

    As we began driving through the park this was the first animal that we spotted.  An Elk eating it's dinner in one of the meadows at the lower elevations.  Having never seen an Elk before I named this animal 'bigger than deer'.

    This is one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip, the bird just looked at me as I took the picture.  We are now at a mid level elevation looking out at the valley below.

    We have now reached the highest point on Trail Ridge Road, the alpine region and the alpine visitor's center.  This picture was taken in the middle of July (the hottest time of the year) and the snow fields are still visible.

    This picture is looking out to the ice caps on the front range from the Alpine Visitor's Center.

    Now we have descended out of the alpine zone and see a glacial lake formed by the movement of the glaciers melting during the ice age and creating a shallow pool filled with water coming from up in the mountains.

    The fauna has changed now to an almost desert like plateau.  This is the second new wildlife encountered on the trip.  This animal is a prong horned deer or 'hopping deer' as I took to calling it.

    Continuing west we crossed over the Colorado River.  Hard to imagine this peaceful, meandering river further south carves out the Grand Canyon and has some of the the highest class rapids around.

    Finally!!!! We're arrived in Steamboat Springs.  This is town!  From here you can see the ski runs on Steamboat Mountain as well as the wide streets for driving cattle.

    Cattle have been a major part of this area's history.  The land around Steamboat is used for ranching and every Friday and Saturday night the rodeo is held in this arena just 2 blocks away from town center.

    Steamboat Springs received its name from the early settlers to this area who noticed that the towns natural hot springs bubbling sounded a lot like the sound of a Steamboat.

    Thanks for visiting Steamboat Springs with me!  Hope you enjoyed the trip.

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    Steamboat Springs has many different recreational activities depending on the season that you visit.  Winter is the busiest time of year for Steamboat.  Known mostly for world class skiing in the Rockies!  Summer is the slow time of the year best for hiking and relaxing in the gorgeous scenery.

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