This page consists of sundry neat stuff. Bon appetit.

Star Trek: Voyager
Lots of stuff of interest to trekkies/ trekkers.

Interview with the Vampire
Various files pertaining to Interview with the Vampire.

Louvre: art
Lots and lots of art (pictures and info).

La gellerie
For some great graphics, check this out. They've got lots of SF & F, fractals, art, etc. Please note that it's in France, so the connection isn't top speed.

My (current) netscape hotlist
Here's everything I'm interested in (or was interested in) while using Netscape. There's some repitition from when I imported some of my other hotlists. Note that it's not necessarily up-to-date; I use lynx for quick and dirty jobs. Also note that I have weird tastes; you won't necessarily like the same things I do.

Cool words.
A list of cool words and their definitions. If you don't think words can be cool, don't select this.

Sounds- local to UMBC
Fairly good sounds.

Funny textfiles.

Art Crimes (Graffiti)
Graffiti from around the world, officially called Art Crimes. Featured in Newsweek on 24 Oct 94.

The history of censorship from around the world. Featured in Newsweek on 7 Nov 94.

Dr. Fun
Dr. Fun is a fairly good internet comic, with a new comic every business day. Here is his latest comic.

Douglas Adams area
A good place for Adams' fans.

Doom FTP site #1
FTP site for items pertaining to the game DOOM and Id software, in general.

Doom FTP site #2
See above.

by: Mordechai T. Abzug