Last update: 16 Jan 96

Standard autobiographical information:

I was born in Baltimore on 27 Nov 74. Yes, I have a nickname: "Morty." After all, most people can't pronounce "Mordechai" and haven't read the Guide to Pronouncing "Mordechai Tsvi Abzug". I currently attend University of Maryland, Baltimore County where I am either a Sophomore or a Senior, depending on how many records the registrar can find at any given moment.

On a more personal note, I'm Jewish, love computers, fencing, origami, books, Math, and Physics (in that order) and literally couldn't swim to save my life. When I'm not working on one of my numerous computer related projects, fencing at the UMBC fencing club, reading, or hunting for the books on my to-get list, I'm probably either in classes or asleep.