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This space is always under construction, but will remain Netscapism-free.

A (short) personal biographical sketch
All the homepages I've visited have one of these, so I do, too, although in a seperate area.

Computer Science Stuff
Projects I've been working on (comp-sci related). Also includes my SGI and UNIX tips page.

Fencing page.
Yes, I'm a fencer. In fact, UMBC even has a fencing club! That link is its homepage, which I maintain in netscapism-free mode.

UMBC Linux Users Group
I'm also a linux freak. That's where UMBC's Linux users group lives.
Cool stuff.
Sundry stuff that interests me. No promise they'll interest you!

Class and schedule information
Some stuff that people who are in my classes may find useful. Also has my current schedule (if I've updated it recently!)

UMBC home page
Yeah, right.


I'm registered as Linux user #62374.

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No Netscapisms!

I've had some complaints about the lack of netscapisms (backgrounds, centers, etc.) on the pages I maintain. Yes, there are reasons why Netscapisms are evil, despite the fact that the Netscape browser is excellent.

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