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Fundamentals of Western Music Theory
MUSC 101
Section 7060
Summer 2001
Mo-We 6:00-9:10 p.m. - Lectures (FA 014)
Office Hours (FA 017B) - By Appointment
Dr. Dane Kusic
Department of Music
University of Maryland
017B Fine Arts Building
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
410 455 2814 (Office)
410 455 2942 (Department)
410 455 1181 (Fax)

Thursday, 26-Jul-2001 17:40:02 EDT


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  • Course Description
  • Required Items
  • Internet Access
  • WebCT Accounts
  • Class Attendance and Grading Policy
  • Exams and Their Dates
  • Final Grade
  • Grading Scale
  • No Make-up Policy
  • Academic Integrity

  • Course Description

    During semester you will gain the basic knowledge of music theory including: 

  • Notation for Duration and Pitch
  • Rhythm and Meter
  • Scales: Major and Minor
  • Intervals
  • Basics of Harmony
  • With emphasis on learning and developing music reading skills

  • This syllabus is subject to change without prior notice. 

  • Nelson, Robert and Carl J. Christensen.  2000. Foundations of Music: A Computer Assisted Introduction.  Fourth Edition.  Free CD-ROM inside.  Belmont, CA: Wadsworth / Thomson Learning.  ISBN: 0-534-56764-9 
  • Available in UMBC Bookstore

  • Additional
  • A booklet of staff paper
  • Available in UMBC Bookstore

  • Internet Access
  • You must have a valid internet access, preferably at UMBC
  • All students at UMBC have electronic accounts automatically reserved for them at the time of their enrollment, so be sure to validate your account and activate it if it has not yet been used

  • WebCT Accounts
  • You must create an electronic account for this course in UMBC's World Wide Web Course Tools (WebCT) site.
  • To create you account in WebCT:
    1. Click on this link -- WebCT -- 
    2. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Create Account" button
    3. Fill in all required textboxes
    4. Login
  • For easier and safest use of WebCT, I strongly suggest that you use your UMBC Login ID and Password
  • Student information, such as grades and activity, contained in this site is confidential

  • Class Attendance and Grading Policy
  • Your presence in each class is crucial, and your class attendance and activity may affect your Final Grade
  • If you miss more than one class, your final grade may be lowered by one grade letter
  • If you miss more than two classes, I will lower your grade by one grade letter, and in this case I suggest that you drop the class
  • If you miss more than three classes, you will not pass this course and you final grade will be an F
  • It is your responsibility to be punctual and come to class on time
  • I insist on punctuality and do not tolerate late arrivals!
  • If you come to class after I take the roll, you will be marked as being absent

  • Exams and Their Dates
    There will be two written tests, one of which may include music dictation
    1. Test One: Monday, July 30
    2. Test Two: Wednesday, August 15
  • All test dates are tentative and might move to the week before or after the stated date.  However, each test date will be confirmed in class and in this Coursepage at least a week prior to taking the test
  • Material included in Test One will not be a part of Test Two.  However, the nature of the course is such that every new information you learn builds on previously learned information and cannot be ignored

  • Final Grade
  • An average of your tests, except in cases where:
    1. You failed, i.e. got an "F," on the last test (Test Two), regardless of your grade on the first test.  In this case you fail the class, and your Final Grade is F.
    2. You failed on both tests

    Grading Scale
  • Your Final Grade will be averaged according to the following grading scale:
        Test Grades Points
        A+++ 14
        A++ 13
        A+ 12
        A 11
        A- 10
        B+ 9
        B 8
        B- 7
        C+ 6
        C 5
        C- 4
        D+ 3
        D 2
        D- 1
        D-- 0
        F -1
  • For example, if on your four tests you got: D-, B+, C-, A++, your points are: 1+9+4+13=27.  When divided by 4, your average comes to 6.75; if you match this number with its corresponding grade in the table above, your Final Grade is C+.

  • The No Make-up and No-Incomplete Policy
  • It is your responsibility to take all tests at their scheduled times
  • The only exceptions to this rule that might be taken into consideration are cases of serious illness or other serious situations beyond your control that may have prevented you from taking the test at its scheduled time
  • All such matters must be officially proved and supported by official evidence presented to me.  Prior to taking a makeup test you will also need to present written approval concerning your case signed by the Music Department Chairperson
  • It is your responsibility to arrange the time and place of all make-up tests with the secretary of Music Department and inform me about that at least a week earlier
  • For further information on UMBC Policies see the UMBC Spring 2000 Schedule of Classes, p. 83 ff.
  • It is your responsibility to complete this course within the set time.  I do not give an Incomplete, "I," grade to any students.
  • In cases where you do not complete all requirements in this course you will be given an F as your Final Grade

  • Student Academic Conduct Policy

    Issues related to undergraduate academic integrity - cheating, plagiarism, and other such practices - are stated in the university Student Academic Conduct Policy. A written version of it appears in the Fall 2000 Schedule of Classes (page 92 in the second edition).

    Copyright © 2001 by Dane Kusic
    University of Maryland Baltimore County, MD 21250
    Updated: Thursday, 26-Jul-2001 17:40:02 EDT