How to Turn Off HTML in Hotmail

Hotmail users: Without informing anyone about it, Hotmail has made a change in the default setup of all those of their users who use IE (Internet Explorer) or Netscape with their Hotmail account, so that by default messages are sent in HTML.

To turn this off in Internet Explorer, go into the compose window and make sure that the Rich Text field is checked off (if it is checked on, click on it to turn it off). (The Hotmail IE default contains no plain text-part, only an HTML part, so this is a particularly annoying version.)

If you use Netscape to read Hotmail, go to Netscape's Edit menu, choose Preferences, then Mail and Newsgroups, then Formatting. Select "Use the plain text editor to compose messages." (If "Mail and Newsgroups has a + next to it, click on the + to show all the options.)

(Thanks to WMST-L subscribersThomas Gramstad and Shelley Reid for the above information.)

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