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M.S., Biological Sciences, UMBC, 1983; FAX (410) 455-3875; Voice (410) 455-2146/3581

Teaching & Research Interests - Applied Molecular Biology:

I am the instructor for the Advanced Molecular Biology laboratory courses that are the key components of the nine-month Master's Degree Program in Applied Molecular Biology. The laboratory courses are designed to teach students how to work in a molecular biology research laboratory in preparation for an industrial or academic laboratory position or advanced graduate work. Students learn basic and advanced molecular techniques in the context of research projects as well as designing experimental strategies and controls, and keeping a laboratory notebook. We have weekly lab meetings to discuss strategies, data, and current journal articles. Over the years, we have worked on many different research projects including:

  • Cloning, expression, and binding site determination of the C. elegans transcription factor, egl-18.
  • Optimization of codon usage for expression of the human NKX3.1 gene in E. coli using gene assembly PCR.
  • Cloning, expression and functional analysis of the human RGR protein in COS cells.
  • Comparative sequence analysis of the catsup gene in sister Drosophila species.
  • Construction of mutant and epitope-tagged variants of the nitA gene from Volvox for use in transformation.
  • Construction of MHC Class II-expressing and her2 antigen-expressing retroviral constructs for use in breast cancer vaccine research
  • Development of methods for detecting SNP's in genomic samples of bird species using real-time PCR
  • Determination of ddc expression levels in Drosophila melanogaster in response to wounding
  • Cloning and characterization of a neuronal cytoskeleton protein from lobster
  • Cloning of carbonic anhydrase from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
  • Construction of vectors for production of IL-1-beta in mouse tumor cells
  • Generation of cell lines expressing a number of different heterologous proteins
  • The isolation and characterization of rhodopsin and other opsins from both striped bass
    and dolphin
  • The expression, purification and functional analysis of rhodopsin-expressing COS cells
  • The generation of polyclonal antisera against crayfish and Dictostylium proteins.

Continuing Education

 My interests also lie in Science Education and, in particular, biotechnology and recombinant DNA at the high school level.  I have taught workshops in biotechnology as part of high school teacher professional development for many years, most of these workshops were funded by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and others were part of the Maryland Governor's Academy for Math and Science.  All of these workshops are "hands-on" experience in recombinant DNA.  Additionally, I have taught Advanced Recombinant DNA methods for scientist and other science-related professionals during the summer. 

Selected Publications and Patents

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