American Jews and the Holocaust: History, Memory and Identity

When and why did Jews immigrate to America?


Things To Think About

Interview Clips:

Belle Gartenberg:

“My parents were immigrants from Latvia which is a small country near northern Russia. That was in the early 1910. They did not come together. My father came first with his brother; he was a watch maker. They left Russia because conditions for Jewish people were so bleak that America was the land of opportunity and that’s why they came. It took a lot of courage because they had no idea when they would get back to see their family. Most of my father’s family came, but none of my mothers.”

Dr. Edward Berkowitz:

“My grandfather was alive and was an immigrant. My father was an immigrant who was the oldest of six children and he was acculturated so to speak in that he was in the regular army before World War I chasing Pancho Villa with General Pershing and being amongst the first American expeditionary forces in France.”

Isaac Bormel:

“My mother came from Ukraine, she spoke five languages and in the old country she had to converse with every one. My grandmother did not speak English, so I had to learn Yiddish.”

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