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Introduction of GFP

General Applications of GFP

Quantitative monitoring of gene expression

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Application of Green Fluorescent   Protein(GFP) on Gene Expression

This website serves as an internet guide to the applications 
    of green  fluorescent    protein, with a focus on quantitative 
   control and monitoring of gene expression using GFP. 
       Some of the works from this lab are also presented.  Each 
        section includes a brief introduction, presents related works 
and list various links and references.

Introduction of GFP: 
Information about the history of GFP, its biochemistry and molecular biology(structure, fluorophore formation etc.), and various links and references.

General application of GFP
Information about GFP's applications as reporter gene, cell maker, fusion tag and active indicator. Various links with great pictures taken from confocal microscopy are listed.

Using GFP for Quantitative monitoring of gene expression
Information about GFP's application as an quantitative gene reporter. While scientists have been exploiting GFP's application in biochemistry and molecular biology, biochemical engineers are making it as a tool for better control and monitoring.  Works from this lab are presented. References included.

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