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A Recipe for Antiguan Pepperpot.

Antiguan Pepperpot differs from "pepperpot" in many areas of the Caribbean. Our pepperpot is green and contains spinach. It's kind of like a spinach soup flavored with smoked pork. I have not tested this particular recipe, but it looks pretty good. Since the source website threatens to sue me if I copy their recipe, so I will just include their page in a frame (or link if your browser does not support the IFRAME tag).

* Here is some information not included in the site below:
  1. The "pepperpot" known on most other islands is a Native American dish, created I believe by the Arawaks. They made this brown, gravy-like stew from cassava (yuca). So, if you eat "pepperpot" on another island, you may be surprised at what you get!
  2. This recipe says you can put acorn squash in pepperpot. DO NOT use this type of squash. Maybe you can put some Christophene (chayote) or zucchini in instead. You can omit the squash if you don't have the West-Indian kind. But for Gods sake, leave out the acorn squash.
  3. The site also claims you should "serve immediately." Pepperpot will still taste good a day or two after you make it.
Antiguan Pepperpot Recipe