Robert Holder
PhD Candidate
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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I am a part-time Computer Science PhD student at UMBC.
My other existence is at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL), where I work in the Research and Exploratory Development Department (REDD).

Current research interests
Planning in time-constrained domains
Collaboration, team forming, and resource allocation in virtual worlds
Multi-level and distributed resource allocation
Planning & scheduling
Multi-agent systems

Selected publications

R. Holder. "Problem Space Analysis for Plan Library Generation and Algorithm Selection in Real-time Systems." In Proceedings of 23rd International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society (FLAIRS) Conference, May 2010, Daytona Beach, FL. Best Poster Award

R. Holder and R.S. Cost. "Utilizing Resource Brokering Within Virtual Environments to Support Distributed Collaboration and Rapid Team Configuration." In Proceedings of the 14th ICCRTS, June 2009, Washington, DC.

R. Holder. "Improving a plan library for real-time systems using nearly orthogonal Latin hypercube sampling." In Proceedings of the 23rd AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Student Abstract Program, July 2008, Chicago, IL.

Outside interests
Teaching - UMBC | Johns Hopkins | Tulane
Mentoring -   NSBE-BMAC | PROMISE

Survive and move on...
UMBC (PhD, in progress)Tulane (MS, 2000)
CMSC 621 - Advanced Operating Systems
CMSC 643 - Quantum Computation
CMSC 641 - Design & Analysis of Algorithms
CMSC 661 - Principles of Database Systems
CMSC 611 - Advanced Computer Architecture
CMSC 671 - Principles of Artificial Intelligence
CMSC 691B - Research Methods
CMSC 673 - Natural Language Processing
CMSC 677 - Agent Architectures and Multi-Agent Systems
CPSC 666 - Artificial Intelligence
CPEN 661 - Computer Graphics
CPEN 672 - Computer Networks
CPSC 652 - Compiler Design
ELEN 645 - Modern Control Systems
CPSC 705 - Fuzzy Logic Power Systems
CPSC 714 - Fuzzy Database Modeling
ELEN 633 - Digital Signal Processing
Thesis: Modeling Databases Containing Uncertain Data
with Extensible Markup Language (XML)