Satellite Image: NASA

Welcome to the research group of Dr. Chris Hennigan - Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering (CBEE) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

Air pollution is a significant problem that has many negative effects on society.  This includes detrimental impacts on human health, visibility reduction, and ecosystem stability (think acid rain).  Our research focuses on an important class of pollutants known as aerosols (also called particulate matter - PM).  Aerosols are extremely small solid or liquid particles suspended in the air (they are so small that they can have atmospheric lifetimes of days to weeks).  Aerosols also have important effects on Earth's climate - they scatter and absorb solar radiation and impact the radiative properties of clouds.  

Overall, our research aims to better understand the sources and processes that affect aerosol concentrations in the atmosphere.  Many of these processes are currently not well known, so a better characterization is important if we are to devise strategies to reduce aerosol concentrations and mitigate their harmful effects.  Aerosols also represent a major uncertainty in our understanding of the role that people play in global climate change: reducing this uncertainty is another strong motivating factor for our work .  Our research approach employs a combination of laboratory experimentation and direct atmospheric measurements. 

We are currently recruiting highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students to work on a variety of exciting research projects. 
Contact Dr. Hennigan if you are interested in joining the group.