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Have you ever recieved a show in shn format and wanted to quickly find out what the length and size of the wav's are?

shntool is a command line utility which reports information about the compressed wav inside a shn file.

click here for a screenshot. [DSH note- not saved, no longer available]
There's more to shntool than what I describe here, but the 'len' parameter displays the playing time (length) and wav size in shn files. These directions will help you create a batch file to run the command line shntool.exe and associate it in Windows95/98/NT/2K so that you can get this info about the wavs quickly and easily.
  1. get shntool
  2. copy the program & library files to a directory that is in your path
  3. go back to c:\util\ and create a new text file, name it shnlength.bat
  4. create a new association for .shn files to your batch file
  5. test it out
  6. problem's?

created: 03-17-2001
updated: 04-18-2001 

I thought this was a helpful utility so i made a page to help others set it up. email me with questions.
this page is a work in progress, please report errors or discrepancies to me

Sites referenced in this page
http://www.cstp.umkc.edu/~jclark/shn/ [DSH- updated to http://pcp.gridpoint.com/shn.phtml ]

Other useful sites
http://research.umbc.edu/~hamilton/shnfaq.html [DSH- url updated]