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IS 722 Systems and Information Integration
This course focuses on the theory and practice of integrating systems and information with an emphasis on semantics. The problem of integrating information is extremely common nowadays when an organization buys another and inherits an entire IT department which may not be compatible with its own one. Data systems and information should easily interoperate for the success of the organization. This course investigates the various technologies in the field of information integration with an emphasis on semantics. Topics that are covered include: Data Integration Architectures, Modeling Data Semantics, Semantic Interoperability, Metadata, Semantic Integration Patterns, Context-Awareness, Semantic Networks, Mediation and Wrapper techniques, Integration Servers,  etc.

IS 720  Mobile Data Management
This course focuses on the impact of mobile computing on data management beyond the networking level, while at the same time provides a hands-on experience on the design and implementation of mobile applications for handheld devices. The course offers a technical understanding of the latest technologies in the field and an exploration of the research issues in mobile data management.  
Topics include mobile architectures, mobility and connectivity, data caching, context-awareness, sensor networks, replication, synchronization, location management, mobile DBMS, and user interfaces. Students will keep abreast of the latest research innovations in the field and will create applications in Micro Java (J2ME) and the Pointbase DBMS for hands-on experience on data management issues.

IS 620 Advanced Database Projects
This course covers advanced topics in databases, such as SQL, PL/SQL, Object-Relational Model, XML, Data Storage, Query Optimization, Concurrency Control, Recovery, etc. Students get a hands-on experience programming on Oracle. There are several database programming assignments to familiarize students with the course topics. In addition students work on a group project with a realistic application that adequately prepares them for professional positions in industry.

IS 650 Data Communication and Networking
This course covers elements of data communication and networking. The topics in the course are examined from a conceptual and theoretical perspective.  Typical material includes Digital Communications, Packet Transmission, LANs, Long Distance Digital Connections, Local Loops, WANs, Routers, Bridges, Protocols, IP, UDP, TCP, DNS, Internet routing, etc.

IS 420 Database Application Development
The IS 420 course is about hands-on coverage of database application development in an entrepreneurship environment. It is an advanced undergraduate senior level course on databases and it emphasizes application development using SQL, PL/SQL, and PL/SQL Server Pages (PSP) in a web environment. It also introduces and familiarizes the students with entrepreneurship concepts. Students taking this course must be knowledgeable in database design and familiar with a database language. By the end of this course, students will be able to: