Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 8

The tutors were tested with Google Chrome and Firefox. To run the applet version of the tutor in your browser, you may have to add to the Exception Site List in the Security tab of the Java Control Panel.

See the red link below for an executable file version of one of the tutors that you may download, save, and run on your local computer without the need for internet access.

Supportive Course Material

You must have the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on your computer to run the tutors. For security protection, it is best to use the most recent versions of Java.

Java JRE Download

Please send an email if you have a problem with these tutors or if you have questions: Support.

Publications and presentations that show the positive impact of the tutors on the skill and confidence of students are available here: Publications & Presentations.

           The online tutoring systems are freely available to everyone, and links to the several available tutors are presented at the bottom of this page.

           All students in my section of a Java course will use one of the tutors during the first class period. Students are free to access the tutors whenever you like, but there will be a requirement during the first class for course credit.

          The tutors are intended for learners who have little or no familiarity with Java or with any other programming language. The tutors make learning a Java program accessible to students who might otherwise turn away from the challenge and potential frustration of trying to write and to understand a Java program. Each tutor will take you through a series of progressively more informative sections, from learning to type the symbols to mastering the meaning and use of the components of a Java program. All sections are self-paced. You may take as much time as you need to complete a tutor, on one occasion or on several different occasions. Although a tutor is best used by starting with the first section, you may access all sections separately.

          Experience with these tutors in my classes has repeatedly affirmed their value to our students, and most students gain self-confidence that they can successfully continue their study of Java after this initial positive learning experience. If you have never written a computer program and you want to learn how to do that, these tutors are for you. There is nothing mysterious about it: learning how to program just takes practice.

          The tutors run in a browser, and they are written as a series of Java applets, which are Java programs that are downloaded from the server and run in your browser. As you progress through a tutor, there will be a processing delay of a few seconds between the sections. Please allow the browser to complete each transition successfully. There is no need to stop the browser or to reload a page. All the transitions are automatic.