IS 147

NOTE: I no longer teach this course at UMBC. However, the Java tutors that I developed are freely available to everyone.

    Introduction to Computer Programming

    This course introduces the basic principles and techniques involved in writing computer programs using an object-oriented programming language: Java. Prerequisite: IS 101 is recommended.

    You learn to write Java programs by writing Java programs. Accordingly, this is a hands-on course. During most classes, we will be writing and discussing Java programs. Since students in this course typically will have a wide range of previous experience in using Java or other programming languages, ranging from no experience to being professional programmers, our work in class will allow students to help each other. This is, however, an introductory course for novice students. Students with previous Java experience or coursework should seek a waiver from the requirement for taking this course.

    The instructor assumes that all students who have registered for this course are dedicated professionals who have committed themselves to achieve academic excellence. That's why you're a student at UMBC: you have made that commitment. You are, then, expected to act like professionals. Punctual and regular class attendance is mandatory. If you commute, plan your schedules to deal with the parking difficulties on our campus and to arrive on time to class. Although collaboration in class is encouraged, you are also expected to work independently to master the assigned readings. The department has tutors available to help you complete your programming assignments. Students who are late to class or who miss class with no acceptable excuse, such as documented illness, may lose laboratory attendance credit and may have their final grades lowered as a result. There is no extra credit or make up available.

    The full set of course guidelines and policies is presented on Blackboard, and it is the responsibility of students to follow them. Your participation in this course indicates your acceptance of these guidelines and policies. Feel free to contact the instructor by email to address questions about the course. The instructor is committed to your success in this course, and you must accept your responsibility to make that happen.

    Notes About the Course

    Textbook: Liang, Y.D. (2013). Introduction to JAVA Programming. 9th Edition. Pearson Education, Inc.

    IS 147 will cover the first eleven chapters in the textbook. Fall 2013 will be the first time for this book to be used. Therefore, the schedule is tentative, and the example syllabus is based upon the previous textbook. The general objectives, however, are the same.

    Course material will be presented on Blackboard, and it is assumed that students will be able to access the site frequently thoughout the semester. Students will be responsible for all material posted on Blackboard and for all communications sent by email.

    IS 147 Online Tutor

    • The online tutor teaches the first program to be learned in the course. Students may use the tutor before the first class, but it will be a requirement during the first class. It can be of great value to students new to Java to go through the tutor several times. You are welcome to repeat it as often as you like.

    The Java Tutorial at Oracle will also be used to supplement the textbook.

    The following graphical user interfaces will be implemented: IS 147 Project. This is an executable jar file, and it may take a few seconds to load and run. This program is downloadable. Right click the link, select "Save Link As...", save it, and run it on your computer. It does not require Internet access to run, but you must have Java installed on your computer.

    The following link runs the project in your browser as a JApplet program: Project as a JApplet. This is a Java applet, and it may take several seconds to load and run in your browser. It has been tested with Firefox and Chrome. It may not run in other browsers.

    Here is the syllabus from a past offering of IS 147: Example Syllabus

    E-mail: Henry Emurian

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