For most of my life it has been my dream to work in animation and digital effects.  When I was eleven years old I saw Jurassic Park for the first time and I was completely blown away.  I instantly wanted to know how these living, breathing creatures came to life right in front of my eyes. When I found out (most of) the magic was done through computer animation, I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.  My dream was to be able to make creatures that looked and moved like the ones I saw on the big screen.  

To this day I still use that movie as my benchmark for animation.  I strive for perfect, natural movement in all the art I create.  In my senior year of college I attacked my dream head-on when I attempted to create, animate and render a dinosaur completely from scratch, all during my final semester.  I slightly altered the appearance of my raptor compared to what we’ve all seen in the movies, but I tried to make its movements as realistic-looking as possible, with the limited time I had.  When I started I had no idea what I was doing, but I quickly learned a lot about animation and rigging.  A true artist will tell you that their work is never really finished, but I am proud of the accomplishments I made in that last semester of undergrad.

Today I work as a government contractor, animating various things.  Among some of the things I can talk about, I have worked on a nationally televised PSA for Social Security starring George Takei and I have made informational videos and character driven stories, which play in field offices around the globe every day.  I love interactive art as well as film and in my free time I enjoy working on indie video games.  It is still my dream to be working on big-budget Hollywood films & “triple A” titled video games, and although I’m not quite there yet, I am very thankful to have been blessed with the life that has been given to me.  I believe animation and visual effects are truly the way to bring to life anything your mind can possibly imagine and I look forward to sharing my imagination with the world.

welcome to my world in motion