Link to Selected Documents Used in Class:

* Some Statistics From Colonial America:

* Democracy in 1776:

* The Bill of Rights in Context:

Links to American Revolution Documents and Websites

* Pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary Era documents from Fordam University (many documents, mostly political)

* Documents on the American Revolution from Yale University (mostly political, including state constitutions)

* Documents on the American Revolution at Mount Holyoke (mostly political, including Indian treaties)

* From Revolution to Reconstruction website at Rutgers University (many documents including Jefferson's notes on slavery)

* Website for PBS television series Liberty! on the American Revolution (some images and basic history)

* (Paintings, Flags, information on Black Loyalists)

* Library of Congress exhibit on religion and the American Revolution (many documents and images)

* Maps from the Era of the American Revolution at the Library of Congress

* Revolutionary Era Maps at

* Letters from spies during the American Revolution

* Maryland Loyalism and the American Revolution  (some worthwhile documents and images)

* Loyalist Songs and Poetry

* Library of Congress American Memory Collection documents

* Images of the Revolution from the National Archives: Digital Classroom with Documents and Lessons

* Primary documents published in 19th century book, Camps and Firesides of the Revolution

* Colonial Williamsburg teacher resources unit entitled Revolution Liberty or Loyalty (you have to register to access it)

* American Revolution bibliography and essays (with a totally annoying page background)  

* (Maryland Paper Money)

* (Audio Files of Speeches and Letters of Founders read by Actors and Game Show Hosts)

* (Text of Speeches)

Maps: (The Thirteen Colonies) (The Thirteen Colonies) (The Thirteen Colonies and the American Revolution) (Quebec Act, 1775)