Marina Adler
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology

1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
Phone: (410) 455-3155 
FAX: (410) 455-1154
Office: 232 Public Policy Bldg

last updated September 2006



-- Born and raised in Hanau, Germany, birthplace of the brothers Grimm of fairy tale fame.

-- Education:
                Ph.D., 1990, University of Maryland College Park
                B.A., 1982; M.A., 1984, University of Tennessee Knoxville

-- At UMBC since 1990;  also affiliate faculty of Gender and Women's Studies and Public Policy

Research and Teaching Interests

    Gender, race, class inequality; the sociology of women
    International work and family issues; the state and social policy
    Social change and the status of women;  German women
    Research methodology and statistics

-- List of selected Publications

Courses --

-- SOCY 300:  Methodology of Social Research (Spring 2005 syllabus)   

-- SOCY 433/633:  Gender, Work and Family in Cross-cultural
      Perspective (Fall 2004 syllabus)

-- SOCY 600Research Methodology  (Fall 2006 syllabus)

--SOCY 604:  Statistical Analysis  (Spring 2005 syllabus)

-- SOCY/PUBL 605:  Advanced Research and Evaluation Techniques
      (Fall 2006 syllabus)

-- SOCY 406/606: Inequality and Social Policy (Spring 2004 syllabus)

-- SOCY 497/697:  The Welfare State and Social Policy in International
        Perspective (Fall 2000 syllabus)  

Research Resources--

-- Links to national and international data sources

     World Bank
    World Health Organization(WHO)
     United Nations (UN)
    International Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
     International Labor Organization (ILO)
     Statistical Trends in Europe and North America (UNECE)
     Socioeconomic Data Sources for Economic Development Analysis (
     Federal Agencies(FedStats: Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National
        Center for Health Statistics, etc.)
     Population Reference Bureau

--Links to sociological resources

       The sociology tour through Cyberspace
       The SOCIOSITE (Amsterdam)
      Social Science Information Gateway
       The SocioWeb
       American Sociological Association
       Southern Sociological Society

--Links to national and international data and information about women

      Network of East-West Women (Eastern Europe)
     Feminist Majority
      Institute for Women's policy research  (IWPR)
      Women Work!
-- Links to resources about violence against women--

       MINCAVA (Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse)
       Family Violence Prevention Fund
       UMBC Women's Center

-- Links to some favorite organizations and news sources

       Links to Orgs that matter (by The Feminist Majority Foundation)
       Democratize the global economy (global exchange)
       Habitat for Humanity
       Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
       Howard County Friends of Latin America (HoCoFoLA)
       The Nation  (unconventional newspaper)
       Alternative Viewpoints on the Internet

Germany ---

--Information on Germany

-- German News Online

-- Dresden is my favorite city 



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